Solid Face Mask Oily and Combination Skin


Solid face mask for oily and combination skin. An extra care for your usual face care routine. With active ingredients that will help prevent the production of oil on the skin, prevent and treat acne as well as reduce pimple scars.
This is a clay mask with a creamy base so your skin won’t feel dry after removing the solid face mask with water. And the best part? You can make a natural mask without messing everything up in mixtures and with active ingredients that are the main responsible for the action of the Mask.

With a fresh, herbal scent. Ideal for refreshing oily skin.

Highlights of this product:

Musa | Made in Portugal
Musa | Cruelty Free
Musa | 100% Natural
Musa | Sem plástico
Musa | Produto Vegan
Musa | Sem desperdício
Musa | Apto para grávidas
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