Solid Hair Scrub


This is a Solid Capilar Scrub made from waste, the first in the world. The philosophy behind this product is to give use to materials that, at first sight, would go to waste and have no further use, such as orange peel, bamboo cane, coffee grounds, olive stones and walnut shells. Clay and charcoal have a DetOx effect for the scalp. Ideal for scaling, to help the first use of solid shampoo to transition and accustom the hair. You should use it if your scalp feels heavy.

Highlights of this product

Musa | Made in Portugal
Musa | Cruelty Free
Musa | 100% Natural
Musa | Sem plástico
Musa | Produto Vegan
Musa | Sem desperdício
Musa | Apto para grávidas
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